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Wanting to know a little more about the person behind the business? How I become a certified yoga instructor and certified nutritionist?

Here’s me in a nutshell, a Jack of all trades but master of none…as of yet. I am currently trying to find my niche in this crazy revolving planet and I think I have finally found it.

If you’re wondering why I consider myself the “jack of all trades,” then you’ll have to look at my LinkedIn profile to know what I mean. But to say the least I have been a surveyor, engineer, and teacher, among other things. Now I am a work from home mother of two beautiful daughters and wife to a wonderful husband.

As for that niche I was talking about? Well..I have always wanted to help people achieve what makes them happy. My happy place has always been in a yoga studio and soon I hope to share that joy with you. It is a true joy to really get to know not only what your body can do but how to properly move it to feel the true benefits of yoga.

Rosemary Pagliaro Certified Yoga Instructor Certified Nutritionist

More recently

I found, or it found me, healthy living through nutrition and life outlook. I never really realized that to reap the full rewards of yoga, you also need to find that balance of not only nutrition but also your outlook regarding all aspects of life. When you start to get closer to achieving this balance, it is absolute bliss! I am starting up a motto: Healthy Living from the Inside and Out and I truly believe that is exactly what anyone can achieve if they are truly searching for it.

I am now a Level 1 Certified Precision Nutritionist and Certified 200hr Yoga Teacher. I’m excited that I can really understand and help those looking for answers in how to help change their lifestyle to something more resolute or those in need of a body overhaul.

I’d love to see you at a yoga session sometime soon. You can also follow us on Facebook for specials.

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